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What are the key considerations when putting together a social media content & engagement strategy for a small, specialist B2B enterprise?

October 3, 2017


Customer acquisition through social media content & engagement strategy for a small, specialist B2B enterprise can be a tough mission. Social media is an accessible tool for those companies but they have to put the right strategy to get the right customers to buy their product/service.


B2B enterprise can use different tools in order to put together a social media content & engagement strategy. First content. On one hand, using content for B2B enterprise allows to target potential clients in different points. On the other hand, when you create relevant and new content such as white paper or blog, you can bring prospective client to discover, learn and then make them decide with all that information to use your product/service. Work on your message and spread it in an Omni channel way. Think long-term and build a brand value. Your content should be adapt to your social media channels.


Define your goals to know what you want. You can use S.M.A.R.T. GOALS (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound).


Know your competitors. Make an audit on what your competitors do on social media. Monitor the social media that you use to get inspiration and develop a social media marketing calendar. Frequency of your posts is also important and different from the channel you use, you have to know the specificities of each social media you use.


You have to be aware of your customer’s patterns which is constantly evolving. The best way to do this is to test your campaign media in new media and see what is working and what is not. Don’t invest all your budget in only one or two strategies (email marketing and twitter for example). When you contact your prospective clients, you have to be specific and not to generic or you will get no answers from them. The lifetime of you customer is also really important to know when you have to put together all your effort to engage and communicate with them. You will increase the quality of your relationship with your customer. Wonder about your customer to create personas.


Know your customer. It is really important to collect data about your customers. With the analysis of your data you can understand your customer journey. It’s a goldmine to personalize your offer to your customer. Don’t forget your offline campaign, using cross channel offline and online campaign is a good way to attract customers. It has been proven in a report from E-consultancy that for 66% of companies call center are efficient offline channel for B2B enterprise. You have the possibility with social media channels to track the results of your campaign and see if it worked. It would be a loss to not measure your campaign in order to improve it. Also, keep in mind that basics like word of mouth is a good way to attract customers, customer service helps you to do that which social media can’t do.


Define your budget. Make a rigorous plan, numbers are really important. You need to know how much you are willing to put in your campaign and the results you expect from it. You will be able to measure your cost per acquisition and your conversion rate. Over time you plan will be more and more detailed.


Develop trust with your customer. It can take time but in the end, you will gain from the trust between you and your customer. You will gain loyalty and be able to convince them about what is best for them. It can be obvious but you have to be competent and know your product/service. Customers can easily find information on internet and are aware of what you propose and what your competitors propose. You need to be able to give them all the answers they need. Show them in the best and detailed way what your product/service is before your customer buy it.


B2B enterprise have an opportunity by using marketing automation on social media. They don’t have lot of time to spend on their social media & engagement strategy and this tool can help them to be present with few efforts.


The relationship through social media is a complete new relationship and a great opportunity to talk with your audience and prospective clients. You need to follow and take account of what your customers said about you. You can also talk with them. You need to answer their interrogations quickly.


Social media & engagement strategy for smaller B2B enterprise is a great opportunity to get new customers, to touch more people.

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