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Digital: a major health issue, here the latest trends!

April 26, 2017


Digital is a major health issue, we are witnessing a profound change in the health system. Driven by digital, this transformation has an impact on consumer uses. Several avenues lead the actors of health to review their strategy. All the actors are concerned: doctors, hospitals, insurers, children, active people, seniors ...

Technology disrupt practices. Connected devices become tools of prevention and allow a daily follow-up of people's Health. It is now common to use the Internet when we have a health question. It is possible to go to forums like Doctissimo, it has even become a reflex for some people. “one in 20 Google searches are for health-related information. And you should find the health information you need more quickly and easily. So starting in the next few days, when you ask Google about common health conditions, you’ll start getting relevant medical facts right up front from the Knowledge Graph." Said Prem Ramaswami, Product Manager at Google on one of the group's official blogs.

Technology brings innovation to healthcare companies but it is the people who will lead this revolution. Actors in the health sector must therefore convince people of the issues of this change. In order to do this they must bring transparency and they must accompany people in the adoption of these new tools.


Is digital improving the image of health players?


The promotion of health is an image and future issue for the drug, the pharmaceutical industry must be vigilant about public opinion about medicines. These companies do not really communicate about their activities and their role in society. There is a lack of visibility on the policies carried out and there is a crisis of confidence of public opinion.

There is a real opportunity to initiate a cultural change and to respond to a strong citizen expectations of the sector. Health companies must propose a new strategy of positioning with health professionals and parties Stakeholders. The drug industry, while it is an innovation industry, suffers from a bad image. Judged too closed. They must bring more transparency, especially in their communication. With this in mind, Sanofi has authorized the expansion of access to information and data from clinical trials sponsored by all the companies in the pharmaceutical group since January 2014. Digital makes it possible to innovate in services and health promotion, but healthcare providers must inform users of the correct use of the data collected. These collected data will make it possible to pass on a collaborative health offer that will improve the health of all.


The latest trends in connected health


Accompany users on a daily basis. This logic has emerged with the growing use of smartphones and applications, it allows to follow its diet, its physical activity and many other data. Apple introduced in 2015 its Health Kit tool that provides a daily health tracker. Orange has developed its subsidiary Healthcare, which puts telecommunications at the service of medicine. These connected medical devices facilitate the flow of information. Connected objects have brought the logic of the “Quantified self”. They allow the collection of data from human body and their analysis on a simple interface. Accenture has released 5 trends in digital health:


Don't waste time anymore thanks to automating processes

The main objective is to allow healthcare professionals to have more time for missions with higher added value.





Bring more fluidity to healthcare professionals

With digital, you have access to any doctor and doctors have better follow-up of their patients




Create a healthcare ecosystem

Creating a platform where the patient would find all his information in one place would improve his experience.




Predictive health

The health industry must be ahead in order not to be disrupted.




Digital brings patient confidence

Ethical and safety issues are key for patients. They must be assured that their data are protected.




Nevertheless, the actors of health must work on their image in order to gain people's trust. They need to be more transparent in their communication and prove to patients that their data are used with respect for their privacy.

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